a look at stunning modern homes in the desert city

a look at stunning modern homes in the desert city


About halfway through Helen Thompson’s Santa Fe: Contemporary Design in the High Desert (Monacelli, $ 50) there is a section of black and white photographs, printed on uncoated paper, depicting the rocky, open landscape that inspired millennia has builders in what we now call New Mexico.

These images provide both context and a striking contrast to the sumptuous, chromatic images in this collection of residential architecture. Based on the beige background, the blue sky and the reddish clay shapes of the Puebla, the twenty projects presented represent a pronounced Santa Fe style, low and open to the country, modest and yet immodest at the same time.

Works by numerous Texan architects are featured here, including a glazed pavilion by Midlands Rhotenberry Waves and a detailed getaway from Austin’s Larry Bacon.