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Have a nice Wednesday folks from Austin! Your host, Meagan Falcon, here.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. But before you prepare for the big day, let’s keep you informed of what’s happening in town, including Thanksgiving hours and the best Black Friday deals.

First the weather today:

Mostly cloudy and windy. High: 78 Low: 60.

Your Thanksgiving Day Prediction:

From 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. you can expect isolated thunderstorms with temperatures around the 60s. From 4 p.m. a cloudy sky awaits you with temperatures in the high 50s.

Here are the top stories in Austin today:

  1. The Travis County Attorney’s Office has partnered with the Red River Cultural District and the SIMS Foundation to create a new concert series entitled “Safer Together”. The concert will help raise awareness and resources for SIMS, whose mission is to reduce substance use problems while supporting and improving the well-being of the music community as a whole. (Austin patch)
  2. the C.asoro Group Education Foundation, a leading multi-family real estate investment firm based in Austin, is Raise money on this GivingTuesday and seek investors to meet your first milestone goal of $ 150,000. (Yahoo Finance)
  3. Austin Public Health offers counseling for Thanksgiving meeting in 2021 amid a “slight upward trend” in COVID-19 metrics. (KVUE.com)
  4. Austin firefighters said they had a suspect in custody Fire in northeast Austin Tuesday morning. (KVUE.com)
  5. There is a good chance your gas bill will go up in the coming months. On November 10th, the Texas Railroad Commission agreed to a settlement agreement with eight different natural gas companies. It allows them pass on the costs directly Winter storm in February to the consumerS. Here’s what that means for you. (FOX 7 Austin)

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Your Patch Thanksgiving Guide:

Thanksgiving Day is Thursday, but until then, you may have many questions. When do shops close, which restaurants are open, what is the best day to take to the streets and where are Black Friday deals?

To avoid these headaches, we’ve compiled a list to answer all of these questions.

Things to do this weekend:

With the whole family in town this Thanksgiving weekend, several events will be happening in the Austin area to help get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Here is a list of events for: Austin Metro Activities 26.-28. November.

Your Patch Vacation Guide:

From Christmas shows to Christmas light shows, there is plenty to do. Here is our list of events in the metropolitan area for the holidays this season.

Austin Patch Notebook

  • Austin Public Library: “Come join us for breakfast tacos, pan dulce, aguas fescas, coffee, and fun family-friendly activities!” (Facebook)
  • KUT Austin: “The St. David’s Foundation is giving the Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO) a $ 2 million grant to focus on providing services to marginalized Austinites – blacks, Latinos, and LGBTQ people.”
  • Austin Caritas: “The package pick-up at First Texas Honda will take place until tomorrow for the ThunderCloud Subs Turkey Trot!” (Facebook)
  • Austin Chamber of Commerce: “A study by the University of California at San Francisco found that 72 percent of entrepreneurs have self-reported mental health problems.” (Facebook)
  • Campus environmental center: “We are looking for CEC volunteers for the New Leaf Farm on Saturday, December 4th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm! As a volunteer, you will work with refugee farmers during the volunteer shift.” (Facebook)
  • The dormitory for children: “Ryan adopted Hazel a little over a year ago and asked her, How has foster care and adoption changed your life?” (Facebook)

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Now you are up to date and can start this Wednesday. I’ll be gone by Tuesday; However, you will receive more news from my colleagues on Friday. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and see you!

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“One who wants the fruit has to climb the tree.” – Thomas Fuller

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