“Dogtor Fauci Is Ready To See You”: Austin’s 2021 Top Dog Names



The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here.

Drum roll please …

Austin’s Top Dog Names 2021 !!

Pets have always been an important part of our lives, but in the past two years they have become so much more than just a furry friend living out the pandemic by our side and providing comfort while the whole world was locked in and hope was stretching thin .

So let’s give them a greeting and dive into some fun pet facts to honor them.

According to Rover, the two most popular dog and cat names were Luna and Charlie. They were followed by names like; Charlie, Bella, Cooper and Buddy.

It is a fact that we name our pets according to our passions and interests. Here are some notable trends that could be seen this year.

Starting with some of the pandemic-inspired names we have; Dogtor Fauci, Covid, Vax, Pfizer and Zoom. Then we have our political dogs by names like; Joe, Biden, Kamala and Harris.

Food and alcohol also make great dog names, which are the most popular; Hershey, sushi, tequila and merlot.

Last but not least, we have names inspired by pop culture and trending news. Let’s give it up; Dua Lipa, Grogu, Elon Musk, Bezos, Bitcoin and Britney Spears.


“Dogtor Fauci Is Ready To See You”: Austin’s 2021 Top Dog Names