Dr. Ann Shippy, MD Launches Be Resilient, Be Immune Program



The Be Resilient Be Immune program by Dr. Ann Shippy offers strategies for building immune defenses and lifelong wellbeing.

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DR. Ann Shippy has brought together their internal medical background, extensive research, and clinical expertise in an online program designed to help you take control of your health, build confidence, and end a life of fear. Be Resilient Be Immune is for everyone who receives Dr. Want to learn about Shippy’s strategies for resilient health.

In a series of over 25 comprehensive videos, Dr. Shippy their recommendations and action steps with what you can do now to prepare your body so you are better equipped to face and fight infection. This program encompasses everything from dietary recommendations, treatment protocols, and lifestyle choices to help you naturally strengthen and improve your immune system while helping to support lifelong wellbeing.

The methods of Dr. Shippy are designed to help you recognize your individual challenges and create a solid foundation for a stronger immune system. Program topics include labs for assessing your immune status, lifestyle choices that can lower immune status, analyzing global data and treatments, and nutraceuticals and other strategies to support resilience.

Dr. Shippy has dedicated her work to developing life changing treatments and protocols for her patients, harnessing the human body’s incredible ability to express or suppress helpful or harmful genes, as well as preventing, curing, and even reversing certain diseases. In this program, Dr. Shippy also got into the science of epigenetics, the way lifestyle affects genetic expression, and how it all relates to resilience, immunity, and your future health.

Customers who completed the program mention how Dr. Shippy helped bring her body back into balance while laying the foundation for a healthy immune response that was resilient to challenges. Be Resilient Be Immune is a comprehensive and compelling program for anyone seeking in-depth, scientific resources and tools from a leading functional medicine practitioner.

Dr. Shippy believes that everyone (especially those at high risk) should implement key immune system building strategies to become resilient to this infection as well as other diseases.

If you or someone you know wants to learn how to be prepared, resilient, and strong, sign up today for this insightful and informative health program led by Dr. Shippy is headed.

Dr. Shippy’s background
As a former IBM engineer, Dr. Ann Shippy, MD entered the medical world, partly in search of better solutions to her own health ailments that she had not found in traditional medicine. She is a specialist in internal medicine and a specialist in functional medicine in order to better serve her patients. Your practice based in Austin, Texas, takes a functional approach to a variety of health problems including autoimmunity, digestive problems, and toxicity from mold and heavy metals. Dr. Shippy has authored two health manuals: Mold Toxicity Workbook and Shippy Paleo Essentials.

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