Driving tips ahead of potential winter storm



GREEN BAY (NBC 26) – Ahead of a possible Friday night winter storm, the Wisconsin State Patrol has driving tips to help people get home safely.

Wisconsinites are no stranger to driving in bad weather, from icy roads to snowstorms.

“I’m going slower and I do what the conditions call for,” said Bob Bamforth, De Pere.

Before the winter storm hit the city, many people went to the gas pump late on Friday afternoon.

“I refuel the vehicles. I think we will hide out over the weekend and let the weather pass us by, ”said Michael Bostedt, Green Bay.

St. Jennifer Austin, Wisconsin State Patrol, said it was best to stay home when the road conditions are too harsh. If people need to travel during the storm, drivers to Austin should check their vehicles first before they leave home.

“Are your tires ready? What do your tires look like? Take a look at your windshield wipers. Are they working? Do you have windshield wiper fluid?” said Austin.

People have to clear all of the snow from their vehicle before they leave. Scrape ice off headlights, taillights, and windows.

On the road, Austin said, people have to “drive slowly in the snow”. She said overpasses and bridges would freeze up the fastest.

“When it snows, road conditions can change very quickly. We can have ice on the road. We can have snow on the road. Or we have dry roads. And all of this can happen in a very short time. “said Austin.

Visibility may be restricted during a snow event. Austin said people need to make sure their headlights are on, increase the distance, and allow extra time to get to their destination.

According to Austin, if a driver slips off the road into a ditch, they must stay in their car and call 911.