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Austin, Texas, November 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today SERIOUS Announces the introduction of their “Fill Your Own” glass joints for fillable consumption, available at major retailers and online. This is a unique product from GRAV, known for their functional and design-driven glass cannabis consumables.

“There really is no such thing. We wanted to combine the pleasure of joints with the smoothness of glass. The result is a really clean experience, you can see and taste your flower without breathing in paper or glue. Glass joints are perfect for on the go and won’t break while being easy to dispose of, “explains GRAV CEO, Brandon Miranda.

GRAV Glass Joints are small and discreet and hold half a gram of flower. Glass Joints create an upscale glass cannabis experience that is the cleanest, safest way to consume with transparency to see exactly what you are smoking. They are easy to fill, smoke evenly without running, and can be carried in your pocket.

“The positive feedback after our first debut of prefilled glass joints was so positive that we knew we had to develop an unfilled version. There has been a lot of interest from retailers to include this in their product range, “says GRAV VP of Marketing, Matt Rosenberg.

GRAV “Fill Your Own” Glass Joints come in a 7-pack and a 56-pack in party size. They are available for purchase on for dealers and for consumers.

About GRAV

GRAV is committed to building a just, just and responsible cannabis space. Based in Austin, TX, GRAV was born out of the desire to develop functional, design-oriented glass instruments for cannabis consumption. The company’s product quality and consistency has been unmatched in the glass industry for over 15 years. Offering over 300 products in imaginative colors and shapes, GRAV has grown into a global company by setting the standard for glass smoking accessories. GRAV continues to strive to improve the cannabis experience by providing high quality devices to help you find your higher self. / @gravlabs


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