Kestra Private Wealth Services Expands National Presence With Addition of Montana-based WestPeak Private Wealth



Austin, Texas – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Kestra Private Wealth Services, LLC (Kestra PWS), a registered investment advisor subsidiary of Kestra Financial, Inc. (Kestra Financial), today announced the addition of WestPeak Private Wealth, a new independent wealth management company based in Missoula, Montana . This is the first office Kestra PWS has opened in the state.

WestPeak Private Wealth’s financial experts, led by Montana-born Gary Kiemele, provide high-net-worth individuals and families with holistic, exciting financial planning services. Prior to becoming a professional wealth manager, Kiemele spent 20 years in the farm overseeing a 3,700 acre grain farm in north central Montana. He then worked for an agricultural consultancy providing profitability analysis, hedging, and grain price advice for large farms in Montana and Western Canada.

During this time, Kiemele developed a pronounced understanding of the financial markets and the global economy, which he uses to inform his clients’ investment strategies and financial plans today. Ultimately, his passion for high-quality wealth management solutions and his desire to expand WestPeak Private Wealth’s range of services inspired him to become independent.

“The partnership with Kestra PWS gives us the resources and flexibility to not only support customers with their financial planning, but also improve their overall well-being,” said Kiemele. “Your back office support really is the complete package that allows us to focus on what matters most – growing the company and refining our product and service offerings for our customers.”

WestPeak Private Wealth’s professionals oversee over $ 184 million in assets under management and were previously affiliated with the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).

“I’m from Montana myself and I understand that Gary wants to foster the ‘small town’ feeling with his customers,” said Scott Wilson, chief operating officer and senior managing director of Kestra PWS. “We too strive to build deep customer relationships through trust and unmatched support, and from this perspective we look forward to strengthening the future success of WestPeak Private Wealth.”

About Kestra Private Wealth Services

Kestra Private Wealth Services, LLC (Kestra PWS) is a hybrid registered investment advisor (RIA) supporting fee- and transaction-based independent finance professional teams across the country. Kestra PWS was founded by wirehouse veterans with the express goal of empowering former financial experts from wirehouse independence and growth. The company’s platform consists of an independent RIA in collaboration with Kestra Investment Services, LLC as broker-dealer to offer its financial experts an open architecture platform and independence in both fee-based and transaction-based business models. With its full-service support model, Kestra PWS has helped over 30 single and multi-team offices across the country find independence.

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Kestra Financial, Inc. (Kestra Financial) provides a leading independent wealth management platform that enables seasoned, independent finance professionals, including traditional and hybrid RIAs, to thrive, grow, and provide great customer service. With a culture rich in reinvention and advisory interests, Kestra Financial has developed integrated business management technology that, when combined with their personalized advisory services, offers exceptional size and efficiency.

Kestra Financial is the parent company of Kestra Investment Services, LLC (Kestra IS), a member of FINRA / SIPC, and also of Kestra Advisory Services, LLC; Kestra Private Wealth Services, LLC; and Kestra Institutional Services, LLC, all government registered investment advisors.

WestPeak Private Wealth professionals sell securities through Kestra IS, a member of FINRA / SIPC. Investment advice offered by Kestra PWS. WestPeak Private Wealth is a member of Kestra PWS, a subsidiary of Kestra IS. WestPeak Private Wealth is not affiliated with Kestra IS or any of its affiliates.

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