Morning news brief: Britain introduces travel measures, 20 drown in Kenya and more, World News



We bring you the greatest stories of the day so far. From the UK rolling out new travel measures as Omicron cases rise to over 20 people drowning after a bus crashes in the Enziu River in Kenya we have it all.

You can also read Austin said that the Chinese military’s intrusion into Taiwan’s airspace looks like “rehearsals” and Trump’s social media company has secured $ 1 billion in capital agreements.

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U.K. rolls out new travel measures as Omicron cases rise to 160

As fears arise about a new variant of Omicron, the UK has tightened the curbs for travelers. According to the new measures, the UK is now requiring all arriving travelers to take a negative Covid-19 test before departure.

Kenya: Over 20 people drown after a bus crashed into the Enziu River

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A bus going to a wedding in Kenya was swept away in fast flowing river water and at least 20 people drowned. The incident occurred on a bridge in the Enziu River, about 200 kilometers east of the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

Chinese military intruders into Taiwanese airspace look like “samples”: Austin

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Amid heightened US-China tensions over Taiwan, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the Chinese military’s actions, such as flights near Taiwan, look like “rehearsals”.

Trump’s social media company receives $ 1 billion capital agreements

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In the latest development, former US President Donald Trump’s new social media company and his partner for the acquisition of special purpose vehicles said the partner had reached agreements for $ 1 billion in capital from institutional investors.