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It was the night before Thanksgiving … oops, wrong holiday, but we can imagine many will still be busy as you prepare for family, food, soccer, and of course, shopping.

But before you really get into the hustle and bustle of vacation, we hope you take a moment; To sit aside in quiet relaxation and really allow yourself a little respite.

We can mention the same tired talking points that many of us have been talking about throughout the year, along with keywords like COVID-19, pandemic, vaccine and mask because the coronavirus pandemic has made us all really tired. That alone would be enough to make you think about a little loneliness when nothing else does.

But that’s only part of it. During this time so many things come together that really burden us all. We’re scared, we’re hectic, and some are even angry. All of this, when combined with aggravating factors like drug and alcohol abuse and depression, collides only to make us tired and irritable.

So take a moment – or even two or three if you are so inclined – and do it over yourself. Read a book, put on the headphones and let yourself go or just go for a walk, either alone or with a friend or loved one.

And take an extra moment to be grateful for those who stand with you and have solid pillars to lean on. Be grateful for the support network that is by your side when you need it most.

Be grateful for the people in your life, not the things in your life. Wealth should be determined by those you love, not the possessions you own.

Be grateful that you can get together as a family. Be grateful to health professionals, law enforcement officials, and firefighters. Be grateful for the scientists and the care of others.

Be thankful.

From all of us at the Austin Daily Herald, Happy Thanksgiving and knowing we are all so incredibly grateful for your continued readership and support.


Our opinion: Be thankful