Tesla Giga Texas receives fresh IDRA shipment, hints at new Giga Press machines



A huge IDRA shipment was recently delivered to Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas facility. The arrival of another IDRA shipment suggests that Giga Texas may be setting up a new Giga press soon, possibly for a new production line.

The unique IDRA box was recently spotted in a Giga Texas drone video. Based on previous videos and pictures from Tesla’s plant in Texas, giga presses for the front and rear casting of the Model Y have already been installed in the plant. And if the latest reports are correct, test production of the Model Y has begun in Giga Texas.

The latest giga press box could then contain parts for another 6,000 ton giga press used for the Model Y production line. Tesla plans to start production of the Model Y before the end of the year, so it would make sense to install all of the machines and get the assembly lines in order now.

However, Tesla may already have its first Model Y assembly lines ready, which is more likely given its production goals.

If so, the latest IDRA box could contain parts for the Cybertruck’s 8,000-ton giga press. During the last conference call, Tesla announced that the Cybertruck would enter its beta phase later this year. Tesla patents were also recently released for the Cybertruck, suggesting some design changes to the electric pick-up truck that support the company’s update during the latest conference call.

“Yes, the Cybertruck is currently in the alpha stage. We have completed the basic engineering of the vehicle’s architecture. With the Cybertruck we are redefining how a vehicle is manufactured, ”said Lars Moravy, Vice President of Vehicle Engineering, during the conference call on the results for the second quarter.

“As Elon said, it carries much of the structural package and large cast constructions of the Model Y, which is being built in Berlin and Austin. Obviously these take precedence over the Cybertruck, but we’re moving into Cybertruck beta later this year and we’ll try to ramp up production and bring it to Texas after Model Y goes live, ”explained Moravy.

Check out the latest Gigafactory Texas drone video below!

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Tesla Giga Texas Receives Fresh IDRA Delivery, Indications of New Giga Press Machines